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11th Annual Tugboat Festival
Come see the mighty Tugs at the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum’s 11th Annual Tug Boat Festival on August 31st.
Propellers thrash and engines roar as more than a dozen tugboats race down the Hudson River and compete for trophies and bragging rights of New York Harbor. Spectators can watch and see which tug is the fastest, the mightiest, and the best looking.

The Intrepid
Tugboat Cup

In addition to the great race, tugs will also compete in a nose-to-nose pushing contest and a line throwing competition. Spectators can compete in a spinach eating contest and get a close look at the tugs and crews a they come ashore and are judged for best dressed crew, best tattoo, and best tugboat mascot.
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Scheduled Events

Parade of Tugs
Tugs parade north past the spectator barge at the end of the Intrepid’s Pier 86 led by a water display from New York Fire Department Fire Boat.

Spinach Eating Contest
Internationally acclaimed contestants race to eat a bowl of spinach and win a trophy while hundreds of spectations cheer them on! This event is open to the public.

The Great Race
Tugs pour on the power and stampede down the Hudson River from the 79th Street boat Basin to the Intrepid Museum. Best seen from the Intrepid flight deck or Spectator Barge.

Line Throwing Competition
Coordination between captain and crew is the name of the game as deckhands try to beat the clock as they heave a line around a barge bitt.

Nose-to-Nose Pushing Contest
Skippers challenge each other to meet nose to nose to see which tug can push the other backwards at full throttle. It’s a smoke-belching, engine roaring spectacle.

Tugboat Raft Up
Tugs tie up at the spectator barge and crews come ashore for crew BBQ as the judges inspect the vessels.
Tugboat Festival Awards

Best Looking Tug - Paint job, signal flags, hull lines & “attitude.”
Best Vintage Tug - Best looking tug over 50 years old.
Best Dressed Crew - Matching shirts, uniforms.
Best Crew Tattoo - As long as you can show it, we’ll judge it!
Best Tugboat Mascot - From rats to rhinos (living, non-human, animals only)
Events scheduled for the weekend will be FREE and open to the public on the pier.
All information represented above is subject to change.
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