So you want to work on tugboats, eh?

It's not very difficult to get started.  It will be easier for some than for others depending on your experience and resources.  But even if you're starting from the ground up, you can get into the industry on a gradual basis and your patience and perseverance will reward you. 

It's easier to get into the business if you've already been on the water.  This way you probably have all of your papers and are ready to sail.  All you need then is some experience on tugs.  First try the questionnaire below and see if you really want to work on tugboats.  Then, a trip to the dispatchers page will start you off with a list of outfits to contact.

If you're new around here, the plan is a little different.  You'll have to get all of you papers and then find an outfit to take you you in training.  It's not impossible to start this way.  It could take a while but the training will be valuable to you and in the long run, you'll be a better boatman.

Here are some questionnaires to help you find out what you need to get started.  Pick a plan and answer each question.  You should be guided in a fairly logical manner to a job on the tugs.




Should I work on tugboats?

I want to work inland.

I want to work offshore.

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